About Process Perfect©

Process Perfect© is fully integrated ERP system which delivers a rich set of integrated business applications that integrate with each other in a harmonious such as purchasing management, inventory management, manufacturing, sales management, accounting and financial management in addition to human resource management, customer relation management and point of sales.
Process Perfect© is a full web solution that can be deployed On-Premise or on the Cloud according to your business needs. Also Process Perfect© is mobile ready for higher business agility to your business.
Process Perfect© is designed to support multi-language, multi-currency, multi-accounting capabilities that provides you to define many subsidiaries each has its own separate financial and legal entities with the availability to consolidate the financials data of these subsidiaries.
Process Perfect© delivers targeted functionality built to meet your unique industry requirements where Process Perfect© supports many of industries like distribution, retail, manufacturing and health care & pharmaceutical.
Unlike traditional systems, Process Perfect© is organized to map onto the typical business processes. Process Perfect© follows the concept of Business Process Management rather than a departmental approach. The concept of Business Process Management provides more control for follow up the business workflows where Process Perfect© give you a comprehensive view of all business operations within your organization and find out the current status of each process separately.
Process Perfect for Retail© generates a comprehensive view of all operations within your organization and allowing you to automate all operations in your organization and its branches and stores in addition to manage the partner relationships with your suppliers, customers and your network of franchisees..

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